Do you have a old machine?

Many companies have an old machine that used to work well, but the control is giving problems, or an axis has stopped functioning. Perhaps it has become obsolete? If the mechanics of the machine are still in good condition then it may well be worth repairing. 


What machine types does Unicam retrofit

We presently offer our retrofits for CNC controlled routers, milling machines, lathes, waterjets, plasma cutters, hot wire cutters, tangental knife machines, fastwire cutters and simular types of machines. 

We also have access to many spares and accesories that may be required to get your system working well.

What systems do we offer

We offer 3 different motion controllers that work with a small sealed embeded PC, an IP 65 keyboard and a touch screen. We will offer you the right one for your application, one we have inspected your machine


My machine needs help, how do we start?

Contact us, send a couple of photo's of your machine to or phone us and we will arrange a meeting so that we can assess the machine. We will then send you an estimate for getting your system up and running.

How long will the retrofit take job?

Most retrofits take one week on site. If we have to order parts or if we are busy with other retrofits, it could take a couple of weeks before we can start. 


What happens after the retrofit?

We train you how to run your new machine, one days training is usually enough. You also get a 6 month warranty on all work done.