Uni-Cam SA will sell it's machines that have been traded back, or other machines, provided the machine is  approved by us and has a control system that we support. If the machine does not obtain our approval, we are willing to retrofit the machine to bring it inline with our standards. Currently we only support Mach3 aqnd Mach4 systems. The retrofit can either be done before sale of the equipment, or after the sale but included in the price of the equipment.


RFS40-20-4 VAC

This is an old style Uni-Cam machine built in 2016. Serial Number 20160119.

It features the following:

1: 5.5kW Spindle
2: Hybrid closed loop stepper motors on all axes.
3: 7.5kW Vacuum pump
4: Tufnol vacuum bed

The following items will be replaced before leaving our factory:

1: The control panel will be changed to floor standing.