Onsrud cutting Tools

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Production Cutting Tools

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Composite Cutting Tools


Using metal cutting tools to machine today’s highly abrasive composite materials can be costly in terms of tool wear and damage to workpieces. LMT Onsrud makes an extensive line of cutting tools designed for today’s difficult-to-machine, space-age materials. LMT Onsrud manufactures solid carbide and PCD cutting tools designed specifically for machining CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic), GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), Fiberglass, Phenolic, Kevlar®, Carbon Graphite and other composite materials.

High Performance End Mills


LMT Onsrud has provided tooling to the aerospace, medical and energy industries for over 60 years. As materials have changed so have our tool designs… from high-speed steel used in hand routing of aluminum sheet to sophisticated coated solid carbide and diamond for today’s composite and exotic metal materials. The manufacturing facility in Waukegan Illinois, which houses the latest CNC grinding equipment, and in house coating can provide special tooling with fast response to meet customer demands. LMT Onsrud enhances state-of-the-art manufacturing with highly trained professional technicians who are available to evaluate your cutting tool needs.

Machine Tool Accessories


All the parts that are taken for granted.. If the tool holder is poor quality, then the tool will be running elliptically, and its cutting life will be compromised.