CNC Router tables

We design and build routers from 1000×1000 to 4000×2000 with or without vacuum tables, tool changers, dust control.

Fast Wire Cutters

These machines are generally used to cut items from blocks of rubber foam, but can be used to cut many different materials. We produce Fast Wire Cutters from 2000×1200 to 4000×2000.

Hot Wire Cutters

These machine can cut EPS and other light materials that melt at low temperatures. We design and build Hot Wire Cutters from 2000×1200 to 4000×2000.


Custom Machines

We design and build custom CNC machines to suit your requirements.

Plasma cutters

We can supply, service and maintain CNC Clear Cut plasma cutters in the Western Cape area.


We can upgrade/repair the control of many types of CNC or Manual machines. We specialise in Milling Machines, Routers, Hotwire cutters, Fastwire cutters, and Lathes. 

We supply CS-Labs and Omron/Delta Tau CNC controllers. Both systems can connect with your existing drives or we can supply new. We can work with Stepper, Closed loop Stepper, or AC Servo systems.