• Post published:17/04/2019

CNC Clearcut and Unicam

CNC Clearcut and Unicam are in the process of signing a reciprocal agreement that will assist Unicam with sales and service in Gauteng and CNC Clearcut with sales and service in Western Cape. This is great news for both the company’s clients, as it will reduce the cost of service to the clients and improve response to their sales queries.

Unicam is a brand that has been around for many years, but in 2016 the company was taken over with Alan Welsford at the helm. The company has grown since that date and is now a serious contender as a local CNC Router manufacturer as well as a company that retrofits & maintains CNC machines. Unicam also has a range of cutters which includes the well-known LMT Onsrud brand.

CNC Clear Cut designs, develops and manufactures high quality Plasma Cutting tables to the South African and global market alike. Boasting years of market success and design prowess, CNC Clear Cut also functions as the local distributor for Hypertherm and is part of the South Africa Stainless Steel Development Association.

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