Bringing an old Girl back to life

CNC Router refurbishments

Bringing an old Girl back to life.

Refurbishing an old Router

So… you have an old machine, it looks well built, but it just has lots of problems. What do you do, fix it, or buy a new one?

Call Unicam to give you an idea of what it would cost to get it fixed of course! If you do decide you would like a new router, we can assist with that as well.

We will come to your site and decide what needs to be done to get it back to a functional machine, we can also assist with upgrades such as adding a vacuum table or replacing the spindle with an ATC spindle. 

Most of our retrofits cost between R 50 000 and R 130 000, but we have done some for as little as R 20 000. Sometimes the machine is not worth repairing because the base is not solid, or the cost of repair is too close to the cost of replacement.

High cost imported systems are often worth retrofitting when the agents loose interest in repairing them, usually after 5 years.

We have many options available, most of them use locally available parts, with other companies that can support these parts, we are your best shot at making your CNC system immortal.

Refurbished CNC Router

This retrofit involved removing the existing control panel and replacing it with our Pedestal, then redoing the wiring to the servo controllers, repairing and replacing home and limit switches, programming the servo controllers to work with the new control system and calibrating. The total cost of the job was under R 100 000.00.

All our retrofits come with a six-month warranty, so the customer has complete peace of mind.

This machine is now as good as new!