Cutting our way through CNC clutter

UNICAM South Africa (PTY) LTD, was founded by renown machine designer and well-known and respected CNC ‘Whisperer’, Alan Welsford.

He was the Technical Director and Co-founder of Acepak Pty (Ltd) since inception in 1984 and was instrumental in turning this Company into a Global and renown market leader in quality, automated, heavy-duty machinery. He retired in 2013, got bored and purchased UnicamSA in 2014.

Alan and his Team decided to upset the CNC market with an eye on well-priced, darn sturdy, ‘any-fool-can-use-it’ CNC units. Their CNC machines can be serviced, maintained and even upgraded by the client themselves as all their parts are ‘off the shelf’. They also refuse to do ‘proprietary software’ and prefer giving clients open-source software, which offers the client total ownership of their machine, no niggly and often very expensive and unwanted ‘updates’…


We are a leading, technologically focused, World-Class, CNC Manufacturer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We are committed to manufacturing highly-reliable, easy-to-use and technologically advanced CNC machines to match and surpass European Competitors.
We refer to our solid CNC units as ‘Panzer Tanks’- see one and you will quickly understand why (the word ‘robust’ doesn’t do their CNC units justice).

We make use of innovative technology backed by decades of industrial automation and manufacturing experience, with the added bonus of a global network of trusted suppliers who share our vision; manufacturing ‘No-nonsense’ machines.

Our backup technical support is untouchable and well-respected.

Our units are also wifi enabled for us to evaluate (and often fix) any problem you might be facing, often resolving an issue without us even having to come and assist you on your production floor.

Hand-built UNICAM machine using only the most rugged hardware and control-gear
Hand-built UNICAM machine using only the most rugged hardware and control-gear
Yet another UNICAM ‘Panzer Tank’ CNC unit being delivered to a client in Africa
Yet another UNICAM ‘Panzer Tank’ CNC unit being delivered to a client in Africa


The CEO of Unicam SA, Alan Welsford,  came out of retirement as Technical Director of South Africa’s leading automated machinery supplier, Acepak, in 2013 due to absolute boredom and promptly bought Unicam SA on a whim.

He sold his yacht, hung up his racing car’s steering wheel and went back to his true calling – Innovative Engineering.

He is a through-and-through Designer of Automated machines (over 35 years experience), with an unsurpassed understanding of CNC machines. From advising clients on correct choices on advanced Servo drives to creating and deciphering G-code, right down to what choice of intuitive controllers the client needs, Alan has the answers.

He has designed over 5 000 machines for the South African Market to date.

Yet another UNICAM ‘Panzer Tank’ CNC unit being delivered to a client in Africa
Yet another UNICAM ‘Panzer Tank’ CNC unit being delivered to a client in Africa

In purchasing Unicam SA, Alan had the added advantage of retaining the services of Glen St.Joseph, a sought-after and highly skilled Technician of all things CNC, in particular software and programming. One of Glen’s biggest assets to the Company however, is his outstanding skill in training CNC operators. Glen is now the Technical Director of Unicam SA.

Alan then hooked up with one of his old schoolmates, Jean-Marc Duquenoy. JM has been instrumental in launching numerous  International Brands onto the global stage and has an unshakeable conviction on 3, non-negotiable, Core  business values:

Customer Satisfaction at all costs
Staff’s well-being  and
Constant Innovation, in this order.

Watch this space…


Axolile Ngcayi_

Axolile Ngcayi

CNC Operator
The man that runs the CNC cutting department blind-folded! A natural student of all things CNC, Axolile pushed himself to learn for over 2 years, with gentle support from his Unicam family and hey presto! - He qualified as a CNC operator in November 2019 (Mach 3 & Mach 4). A born perfectionist, a true Team-player– a bright future awaits this man.

Glen St. Joseph

Technical Director
Originally a CNC operator, he has worked his way up at Unicam SA over the last 15 years and is now a Director. He prefers working with Hardwoods, Aluminium, and Carbon Fibre and doesn’t stop pushing the envelope when it comes to unusual items – from rifle stocks, moulds for electric cars (South Africa’s first electric car moulds was one of his pet projects, always goes on about it…) right down to guitar bodies and cladding for buildings
Cheryll Hlangwani

Cherryl Hlangwani

Electrical Technician
Cherryl Hlangwani is our newest ‘family member’ and compliments our Electrical dept in more ways than one. Qualified in her field, friendly and always in a happy mood, she has simply won everybody’s heart at UnicamSA . It really feels like she has always been with us, we see great things happening at Unicam for our new colleague!
Samantha St Joseph

Samantha St Joseph

Administration Manager
Sam joined the team in mid-2019. Efficient, super-friendly and highly organised, she is assisting the Unicam team in more ways than one can count. She is well-known for her engaging resolve to assist clients beyond the call of duty - and the bouquets of flowers that keep arriving for her attest to this. A true 'keeper'. Where the heck has she been all this time?
Jean-Marc copy 2

Jean-Marc Duquenoy

Managing Director
Jean-Marc has a contagious 'can-do' personality and is driven to succeed. He has headed up numerous Senior positions in Multi-National Companies, starting as a young Key Accounts manager at Safmarine, then moving up to Barlow-Rand and finally to Distell Head Office in Stellenbosch, before keenly taking up the cudgels at Unicam SA. Jean-Marc has travelled widely, is a born motivator as well as a fair negotiator. He lives his belief that a happy employee is one of the greatest assets a Company must have.
Rodwin Johnson

Rodwin Johnson

Rodwin joined Unicam SA as our full-time accountant in November 2019 due to the expansion of Unicam’s CNC retro-fitting Division. Studious, serious yet engaging and with impeccable manners, this is the man that makes sure the client’s bills are paid on time! Rodwin is a real asset to Unicam and runs his dept with exemplary leadership skills.
Alan Welsford

Alan Welsford

With more than 35 year’s experience in the machine-building industry, Alan has overseen the building of more 4800 machines. He started an industrial electronics business in 1980 which soon took over Acepak, where he was the technical director until 2013 when he decided to semi-retire, sold his Acepak shares and focused on his other business interests. Alan quickly got bored however, and bought Unicam South Africa (Pty) Ltd (now Unicam International) on a whim, where he once again used his bucket-loads of engineering experience and innovation to create yet another leading company! Unicam International (Pty) Ltd. is now poised to become a very serious Global contender in the CNC market with their high-tech, extremely durable yet very affordable, innovative machines.

Emmett Groenewald

Emmett is the rock that Unicam leans on when the sea is restless. Our parts magician who can conjure up any part we need for clients machines. When we get stuck with a tricky problem, he is the one who tirelessly works into the night turning our concepts into reality and solutions.

Isma-eel Joggee

Electrical Programmer
Isma-eel shares with Unicam his hand’s-on experience with his excellent experience at South African Airways technical workshop’s fast-paced demands and high standards. He is meticulous, highly skilled, particularly in the field of electronics - and also enjoys trouble-shooting programming issue, clients sometimes encounter. ‘Joggee’, as he prefers to be called, enjoys refurbishing motorcycles as a hobby (who doesn’t?) – and so does Alan and Jean-Marc - this was the ‘clincher’ moment for Alan and JM - we decided there and then to make him an offer to join us! Welcome to Unicam SA, Joggee – we wish you many years of growth at Unicam SA, space for innovation and the rewards that come with it. PS – Joggee is also a volunteer helper for the Orphanage Paradise for Kids

Marcel Van Der Ende

Chief Factory Manager
Marcel Van Der Ende is our Chief Procurement & Factory Manager. Marcel oozes total confidence and it is obvious that he truly enjoys what he does, but make no mistake, he does not tolerate fools easily. He offers our clients over 10 years of CNC experience , including Milling. As an added bonus, Marcel is also a tough negotiator when it comes to sourcing alternative suppliers and keener pricing for Unicam SA - and by default , you, our client. A true asset to the Unicam SA family!


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