The future of CNC Machines is finally here

Uni-Cam SA provides many options for its routers. All of our routers have heavy welded tube steel frames which are extremely rugged and they all use the Mach3 system for operation.

You have an option for the drive motors, either Servo or Closed Loop Stepper. If speed is your main focus, then we specify Servo systems, however if cost is more important then we will look at the Closed Loop Stepper option.

The next option to consider is moving bed or moving gantry. The moving bed is only supplied with ball screw drives, but the moving gantry is supplied as ball screw or rack and pinion. The ball screw system is more accurate and slower the the rack and pinion. Moving gantry machine use less floor space than moving bed types. The advantage of  the moving bed system is simplicity, it only has one drive controlling the Y movement where the moving gantry has two. The next option is the bed type, we supply Vacuum beds, T Slot beds, screw down MDF beds and custom beds.

Another option is manual or automatic tool changing (ATC). If you opt for automatic tool changing, we will customize it to the amount of tools you require. Depending on the materials you are cutting, you may also need a misting sprayer or liquid cooling.


We are a proudly SA company, here to stay! Quite honestly, we challenge you to find another CNC manufacturing company in South Africa that designs and manufactures a machine, to your specs, and then also offers CNC Staff training and to top it all off, is a call away for any emergencies and contingencies? Our CNC Retro-fitting "HIT Squad" comprises of local highly qualified CNC crew.

What are CNC Machines?

CNC routers are computer-controlled machines used for cutting a wide variety of materials. The path of the machine is directed by Computer Numerical Control to give you the precision and accuracy you need from every cut. Whether you have an industrial application, a home or starter business, or even a hobby that requires specific cuts, CNC routers are the perfect solution to give you the best possible finished product.

At Uni-Cam SA, we believe industrial strength and customer service are the two most important elements of a CNC router. Our machines are designed to industrial specifications so you can use them as much as you need, all day, every day. We build our machines so you as the owner/operator can go to the machine, turn it on, and go to work any time, no squaring or alignment required. Every Uni-Cam SA CNC router is built to last.


CNC Machines - Routers - Fastwire - Hotwire

We have a wide range of standard machines that we build locally, using high quality parts sourced locally and from around the world. We manufacture CNC machines that will offer you many years of hassle-free, reliable operations.

UNI-CAM SA Master Retro-fitting

We have the capability to upgrade most Industrial CNC machines to your specs. We have assisted countless Companies in Southern Africa by optimising and stretching the life of their capital investment. We currently offer two different control systems CS-Labs or the high end Omron-Delta Tau.


Plasma Cutting Tables - CNC Clearcut

CNC Clearcut and Unicam are in the process of signing a reciprocal agreement that will bring solid sales and service to CNC Clearcut customers in Western Cape. CNC Clear Cut designs, develops and manufactures high quality Plasma Cutting tables to the South African and global market alike. Boasting years of market success and design prowess, CNC Clear Cut also functions as the local distrubutor for Hypertherm and is part of the South Africa Stainless Steel Development Association.

LMT Onsrud

We are proud distributers of the well known LMT Onsrud brand of Router and Milling cutters. For over 70 years, LMT Onsrud has been providing premium cutting tools to the wood, composites and exotic metals industries. Our goal is to provide you our customer with world class cutting tools that are On Spec and On Time. LMT Onsrud also designs and manufacturers custom cutters that are made to your exacting specifications. What makes these cutters stand out from crowd, the finish and that means less finishing work after the router has done it’s job.


Custom-made machines & staff training

Our design team have to date been involved in the manufacture of over 4800 machines. These include packaging, bottling plants, material handling, robotics, collating systems, palatising, cutting systems and CNC controlled systems. We have the expertise to assist you with production or development issues. We also have expertise in Electronics, PLC's, Programming, motion control and Mechanics. We are experts when it comes to CAD and / or CAM packages. If your staff needs training, feel free to give us a call and we will gladly assist you.

CAM Solutions

We are distributers of Alphacam a world class CAM solution which is available in different moduals which cover most of the CNC spectrum.

For those that are not looking for a high end production solution, we also distribute the complete suite of Vectric software which has lots of functionality but is geared more towards the artistic side of CAM.

Even if you choose software that we do not distribute, we will be able to setup the post to give you the functionality that you require.